Weddings are all about brides, well of course the groom gets noticed too but the bride is the center of attraction. Everybody wants to know and see how the bride looks, what is she wearing, where is her jewellery from, what brand are her shoes from. So basically all eyes are laid on the bride. Pakistani brides are all about glam and why wouldn’t they be, after all it’s their BIG DAY. This is why we invest a lot on brides, from their bridal dress, heels, jewelry, mehndi and of course the most important one MAKE UP.

Make up plays a really big rule in making their big day more special and extra ordinary. Even the smallest mistake gets noticed. The eyebrows got to be on fleek, the liner must be winged (not too much, not too less) and oh! The lipstick brings life to the bride, so you need to know what color goes with your face. All this is in the hand of the makeup artist and I’m sure none of you would want to take risk for your wedding, that happens once in a lifetime (for most people :P)

We have compiled a list of the makeup artists we found to be the best in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Bringing to you our best brides to show how on point their makeup was, just by choosing one of the best makeup salons in the twin cities.


No list of the best salons in Islamabad would be complete without a worthy mention of Bia. She is known for the simplicity in her makeup looks. Simple soft eyeshadow, thin eyeliner and clean flawless skin is some of the key notes to her makeup. Bina Khan makeup will NEVER be over the top and that’s the beauty of her work: Simple perfection!


They make sure that the makeup matches perfectly with the bride’s dress. Fatyma Amin owns this makeup studio and she is best known for her soft glam signature makeup. So many brides now go to her for and amazing signature bridal makeup look.

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